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Uğur Sezer Retouch Panel

49 $

1 Yıllık Lisans

1 Yıllık Lisans
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✅ License does not auto-renew.
✅ Free with Annual License* Updates!
🏆 The World's Best Photoshop Panel!
❤️ 2000+ Users!

We Rewrote Photoshop
We've gathered everything you need to retouch and edit colors in one panel. We have prepared one of the best panels in the world for you. Fast, simple and hassle-free!

Revolutionary Features
Unfortunately, it is not possible to do everything with action in Photoshop. For this reason, most of its actions have fixed values and are very limited. We've made this possible with our revolutionary advanced coding infrastructure. Almost all of the buttons in this panel are created thanks to special codes that cannot be done with action in photoshop!

It's not magic! Only Real Retouch!
In general, all other panels tell you that you can create magic with just one click. They also don't give you any control over your photos. On the contrary, we believe that everything should be controllable. The US Panel puts you in full control with sliders and options!

  • System requirements
    It works on PC and MAC, works on PS 2019 CC and above.
  • Will it work on M1?
    You can use the panel by running Photoshop in Rosetta mode.

    To open Photoshop in Rosetta mode:
    Go to Applications Folder > Enter Photoshop Folder > Right Click on Photoshop Application > Click on Get Info > Enable "Open using Rosetta" option under General Tab Name
  • Can it be installed on more than one computer?
    Yes, when you buy 1 license, you can install the panel on multiple computers. (Home, Office, etc.) However, you can actively use it on only 1 computer at the same time.

    1 license = 1 active session
  • How to Install?
    For PC
    When you open the menu by right-clicking on the file you downloaded, you can start your installation by saying run as administrator.

    For MAC
    After downloading the setup file, right click and say open. If it gives a warning, repeat the same process a second time. You will see the setup screen.
  • Is My License Automatically Renewed?
    No, the license is not automatically renewed and a new payment is not automatically charged. If you want to extend your license period, you can extend your license yourself by going to your profile.
  • Internet connection
    You must have an internet connection while using the panel.